Do you know the personality and temperament of the French bulldog?

If “moody” is the first term that comes to your mind when you think of a Frenchie puppy, you are not wrong. With aristocratic origins, they have learned to appreciate a little pampering. This can make them seem arrogant at times. But they are also the cutest dogs you will ever meet. The French bulldog is ready to spoil you with lots of kisses and hugs, because they care more about lap times than exercise. However, they still enjoy running around the field or following a ball. A 20 minute walk is enough for a French bulldog. They love pampering behavior, love to snore, and play with his master.

Other aspects to know

A French bulldog never barks too much. But, he will not remain silent if you have a visitor at the door. He is very attentive, but not aggressive. It may take some time to warm up with strangers. In general, they are very emotional. But there are times when they will show a stubborn and temperamental side. They are pungent and will not remain silent when offended. Your dogs will make their loudest noise when you’re away from home – they will mourn at the door until you return. A lot of patience is needed to get your dog used to being alone. While highly trained puppies are generally quiet at all times. But you should expect to endure the pushy behavior from your dog. However, nothing sets the mood up like a kiss from these lovable pups.

Is the French bulldog a good family dog?

The Frenchie dog is a wonderful family companion. They are highly adaptable to any environment and can fit into any household lifestyle. All family members will have this dog’s love and loyalty. As they will not separate any member of your family receives special treatment. These dogs are excellent pets for all ages and experience levels. French Bulldogs are highly manageable and have low care needs. Your biggest problem is learning not to spoil too much.

Care is needed to keep your dog at an optimal weight and not to over spoil. The lower activity levels make them suitable for the elderly and the disabled, and they do. Great emotional support dogs for people with physical and mental disabilities. Grooming and exercise is very easy compared to most dogs. Your dog will never ask for anything more than what every dog ​​needs to stay healthy and happy.

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