November 29, 2021

Best Restaurants To Eat At Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is one of the most well known and appealing destinations in southwestern Mexico. It shares its coast to the Pacific and possesses the ideal departure energy for sea shore darlings. It has become well known in view of its immaculate sea shores and the lovely attractions. You can also appreciate the exceptionally happening nightlife and take part in different water sports activities in Puerto Escondido. Situated by the Mexican province of Oaxaca, here are the top Puerto Escondido restaurants for the best food.

Palma Negra if you want to try out the very delicious paletas in Puerto Escondido, then Palma Negra is the best option you have. This place has some of the Mexican dishes that you can eat when you are on vacation. You can even try out their delicious ice creams that are available in a variety of flavors like coconut, coffee, fruits, cookies and various others. Paletas are one of the most popular dishes that you can find in Puerto Escondido. They are not only delicious but quite healthy as well. The restaurant is affordable and helps to satisfy your hunger cravings throughout the day.

Mama Mallu – in the alleys of this beautiful coastal town, you can visit Mama Mallu to eat some delicious snacks and meals. It is a cheap and economical restaurant whose menu is going to be very light on your pocket. Visit this place for breakfast or lunch and you won’t be disappointed with the food quality. The most popular dish they serve here are enfrijoladas. These are tortillas that have been loaded with tasty cheese and topped with double eggs.

Cafecito – ask anyone and they will guide you to Cafecito. It is a very renowned restaurant in Puerto Escondido. Anyone who wants to visit an authentic Puerto Escondido restaurant, this is the place they should be headed to. It has all the elements that make it a proper Mexican restaurant. The positive ambience and the food they make here are some of the best you will ever taste. The Smoked Fish Taco or Flaky Tuna are the dishes that you have to order. They cook absolutely fresh fish that are made with home-made flavors and spices. So these dishes are light on your stomach as well.

Taqueria La Parrilla Mixteca – Al Pastor is another delicious and popular food dish in Puerto Escondido. Want to try the best Al Pastor? Then find the directions to Taqueria La Parrilla Mixteca. They serve the best Al Pastor in the whole of Puerto Escondido. A small yet very lively eatery that is always packed with people, you will have a wonderful time here. If you are wondering what an Al Pastor is – it is sliced pork marinated for several hours and roasted in the traditional shawarma style.

Bikini Bar – last but not the least, for anyone who is excited to enjoy the Puerto Escondido nightlife, Bikini Bar is your destination. With loud music and a high level of electricity in the air, you are surely going to groove through the night at this bar. Or you can just book a cabana and relax by the beach. Choose whichever you want to and have the best time of your life. Don’t forget to order their rejuvenating drinks and cocktails when you are here. They will surely set the mood right for you quickly.

These are the top restaurants and eateries that you can visit in Puerto Escondido. Make sure to note them down and visit them as soon as you land in this gorgeous coastal town.

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