November 29, 2021

Do You Know Why Everyone Wants To Move To Vermont?

Vermont is considered to be much more than a tourist destination, as this state offers a pristine landscape, a life of very high quality, and also dynamic workforce culture. You will find here top-tiered public schools, world-famous craft beer, and a thriving economy for small businesses.

Whether you want to fill your lungs by taking fresh mountain air or want to watch the sunset at the Burlington waterfront, then you will be constantly reminded of the inherent beauty of Vermont. If you want to move into Vermont then shipping a car from Florida to Vermont will not be difficult, if you hire the services of Ship a Car, Inc.

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The following are a few good reasons why people all over the country dream of moving to Vermont.

1.     Low crime rates

As per the data available, you will find that the crime rate of this state is too low in smaller towns, and also most polls show that Vermont is the country’s safest state.

2.     Less pollution

Pollution has become a big issue in most of the parts of the country because of heavy manufacturing and also numerous cars are creating environmental nightmares.  However, Vermont is free from all these.

3.     Inclusion

Vermont mostly consists of many smaller towns, and therefore people typically include all the people of the whole town while organizing any kind of event. You can enjoy every event with your neighbors and other people.

4.     Behavior and manners of kids

Many people think that chivalry is dead, but you will notice the kids here are very helpful, respectful, and appreciate your hard work. The maturity of all these kids will surprise you.

5.     You will become famous

When you live here then besides your neighbors, everybody will know about you, your spouse and your children and probably your dog too. You will always remain in the spotlight and can always find someone to call.

6.     Love for every generation

In most community events, participants of all ages will be involved and you will find how children respect you and try to look after one another and also learn from examples.

7.     Neighbors who care

The culture of the early 1900s seems to be still existing in Vermont where you will find neighbors are so much caring, but they are not nosy. They just take care of each other.

8.     Town pride

In Vermont, practically every week there will be certain activities where everyone participates and usually free of charge. That can be for instance:

  • Sporting events
  • Green-up days
  • Picnics
  • Church functions.

And also many such other activities.

9.     Fresh food

Vermont always takes pride itself in its lifestyle of farm-to-table, and you will find several places to get fresh produce. You may either shop at any farmer’s markets or you may grow your own, people encourage eating fresh.

10.     Fresh air everywhere

You will find plenty of fields to breathe fresh air in Vermont.

The list goes on and on! So, what you are thinking? Just find some good reasons to shift to this state with your bag and baggage.

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