November 29, 2021

Small Business Loans- Small Business Loans: the first step to your success

Full of hope and dreams, you venture out to the adult world with bright ideas in mind and a heart full of motivation to achieve great things. When you finished your education, this is similar to what everybody had experienced throughout their life. They have this thought in their head of finally being free as they are taking the very first step to their success story. However, we all know this was a “scam”.

As someone who is about to graduate and earn my bachelor’s degree, I have been thinking long and hard about what I should do after. Getting a job was the top one on my list. Looking at it now, I realize, is it the top of my list or is it the only option I consider put on my list? This question has been bothering me for an entire year.

Taking a job would mean I will have to clock in for work, get on with my job, and lead a mundane life that could easily get boring within a year or two. The redundancy of it is definitely what makes me think twice about it. Just recently, a thought had pushed its way into the center of my mind and now it’s so hard to get it out. I tell myself, I want to work for myself.

Now, this small thought, as I have just mentioned, captured the center of my mind and has been occupying space to the point that I have considered changing my plans for this. As someone who has been staying on the safe side of everything in my life, I realized that maybe when I graduated, this is the time to get out of my comfort zone and do something that I actually would be happy to do.

Thinking of running a small business is exciting especially when the idea in your head is as bright and clear as day. Much like all the big decisions people take in their life, starting is always the hard part. With this in mind, I began to think of ways on how to start a business. Research became my hobby for a month and planning, a part of my daily routine.

“Failing to plan, is like planning to fail” is a quote that stayed with me as I started to scour the internet for business-related articles, researches, and journals, I began to compile the knowledge I gained to form steps towards my goal. I focused entirely on planning how to achieve one thing after another. Eventually, the pathway to starting my small business became clearer and clearer.

Finally, everything is set and I am now ready to go to the next step of my plans, and that is to implement all of these things. From what I have gathered, building a small business will have to require capital, something that I don’t have, nor do I have anyone or anywhere to get these from. Until I stumbled across one, and probably the best solution, getting a Small Business loans.

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