November 29, 2021

Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Maintain Leather Holsters

When speaking of materials for holsters, we can all agree that leather is the best material for any kind of holster. This is because leather holsters are comfier than holsters made from other materials. Leather holsters provide an excellent grip on the guns. With strong retention devices and thick leather material, leather holsters are the best choice to keep any kind of handgun intact.

Tips And Tricks To Maintain Leather Holsters

Holsters made from leather are surely a good choice for handguns. However, it is very important to take care of the leather holsters to maintain them. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to maintain leather holsters.

  1. Gently Cleanse Leather Holsters When They Get Dirty.

One must wipe the leather holsters with a cloth after every use. When the holster becomes dirty due to dust and other impurities, one must gently cleanse the holster to maintain the quality of the leather. It is advisable to cleanse the leather holsters with lukewarm water and soap. Scrub it with a good quality brush. Once done with cleansing, pat it dry using a paper towel.

  1. Use Limited Amounts Of Conditioner.

For maintaining the leather holsters in the best condition possible, many prefer to use several conditioners for the job. However, one must keep in mind that washing the leather holster with too much conditioner too often can be the cause of damage to the leather. Along with that, one must make sure to use the right conditioners that are the best to maintain the leather holsters.

  1. Keep The Holster Away From Sweat And Wetness.

To maintain the leather, it is extremely important to keep it away from wetness and moisture. The same rule implies maintaining leather holsters as well. Since holsters remain in close contact with the body and the sweat, there are high chances that the holster can get ruined due to sweat and moisture. For keeping the holster safe, it is ideal to keep a piece of cloth between your skin and the holster to avoid direct contact.

  1. Prevent Contact With Pests And Animals.

Since leather holsters are created using animal hides, it attracts many animals and pests toward them. Usually, leather holsters are ruined when they get chewed on by pests and creatures. Animals like dogs and cats might disguise the leather holster as a toy and chomp on it. Thus, one must make sure that the holsters are not in contact with rodents and domestic animals.

  1. Use A Silicone Spray.

For maintaining a leather holster, a silicone spray is good. The silicone when sprayed in the inner portion of the holster, avoids moisture to come in contact with the holster. It also provides a rise to the draw speed.

This Brings Us To

Leather is an excellent material used for making the best holsters. If you want to buy leather holsters, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to maintain the leather holsters for a long time.

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