August 1, 2021

What to do with old birthday cards?

Do you love old things and then recycle them into new things? If yes, then this is a perfect article for you because here we are going to discuss some easy and cool ways to use your old birthday cards to make some new and beautiful things. The power of handwritten birthday cards and the letter is very impressive. When someone has given it to you then surely you don’t want it to waste or keep it someplace where it is not being used. That is why we have decided to discuss this topic so that you may give a new shape to your loved ones’ gestures for you. So let’s start the discussion  Funky pigeon promo code.

  1. Use them in your diary or notebook:

An amazing way to use your old birthday cards is that you can use them in your diary. The notes you make in your class or office you can put there to make your mood happy every time you are writing something in your notebook or diary. Plus this will give an aesthetic look to your notebook. Also, your loved ones will be so happy to see it in your notebook. Because you are not wasting it you are utilizing it somewhere.

  1. Make some postcards:

Making postcards from birthday cards is outstanding. You can cut the card and then you can save the inside text. The cutting should be like this that it does not harm the written text of your birthday cards. The next step is to make the card decorated with a postcard. Take a stamp with a picture of your loved ones who have to give this card to you and then paste it on the side. It will become an amazing postcard with a written letter or message by your loved ones.

  1. Hang the cards in your room:

A beautiful way to use your birthday cards is that you can hang them in the corner of your room. Take some threads and tie them with the help of a hammer and pins. When the threads are attached you can paste cards on them or you can use some hanging clips holding the cards with the threads. This will give a beautiful view to others in your room. The main advantage of using your old birthday cards like this will be that you can see them every time you are in your room. It will remind you about the love which your family and friends have given to you on your birthdays. Plus it will serve your room decoration too.

  1. Paste them on a wall of your room:

If you have too many old birthday cards then the most suitable way of using your birthday cards is that you paste them on a wall with the help of glue or scotch tape. Keep the arrangement and pasting of cards in a very random manner as it will look at the wall very cool yet aesthetic. You need to go anywhere to buy some decorative stuff for your room. In fact, by using your old birthday cards you can turn your room into a place with beautiful interior designing.

  1. Use them for making a scrapbook:

If you love arts and you like to be creative then making a scrapbook of your old birthday cards would be good and entertaining. It will cost you some time but don’t you think it deserves some time because it’s worth keeping. Start with your oldest birthday card and then move to the recent ones. You can write some notes and messages with each card too. It will make you happy as these things will contain your emotional attachment and love. Plus the most important thing is that in this way, you are saving the lovely gestures of your friends. Because you are keeping their love and birthday gesture inside a book not just in the closed cabinets of your room.

  1. Make some baskets:

Making baskets with the help of your old birthday cards is innovative and useful. You can use this beautiful basket for many purposes. You can store and keep books in this basket. Or you can keep it on your side tables with some beautiful lamps. For making the basket with cards, there are many tutorial videos which you can find on youtube or google. So just take your phone, start the video and then use it on your old birthday cards.

  1. Create gift tags:

Many people use birthday cards for making beautiful gift tags. You have to cut the fancy of the most beautiful part of your birthday card into a small tag so that you may put it on the cover of your gifts. It will save you money too. Plus in this way, you will be cluttering your stuff too. Don’t you think now it’s amazing?

  1. A huge frame of cards:

Take a frame or hard cardboard and then paste the cards on this board. Fill the whole cardboard with all of your cards. The multi-shaded cards with beautiful designs will help you to create a perfect and fantastic frame. You can use this frame or cardboard as a decoration piece in your room or even in your office. So that you always remember the love and attention of others which they always give to you.

  1. Tuck cards into the jar:

If you have some transparent jars at home and you want to make them attractive then using your old cards for their presentations would be outstanding. But for this purpose, you have to cut the card in the size of the jar. Now place it inside the jar and attach it with glue or tape the jar.

  • Paste them in the sides of your dressing mirror:

People who love to get dressed up all the time and they spend their time in getting ready in front of the mirror then they can make this area more beautiful with pasting their old birthday cards at the side of the mirror.

So these were some easy and less costly ways to use your old birthday cards. Trust me it would be entertaining and enjoyable for you Red hot deals.

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