October 17, 2021

Beware of Fake Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Save Your Money

Dropped calls, slow browsing speed, and unsent texts cause a major frustration in our lives nowadays when we are completely dependent on our devices 24 hours a day. Despite paying high bill amount for a flawless network connection, we fail to get signal strength good enough to actually enjoy the connectivity.

Many factors play a role in affecting connectivity including the current weather conditions and our location. The simplest solution to this problem that we face on an everyday basis is to get a signal strength booster.

This additional device has 4G booster antenna will amplify the signals and ensure that you never have to face dead zones in your home again. You can browse the collection of phone signal boosters at My Amplifier and choose a booster device based on the signal standard and frequency band of your country. With one single device, the signal strength of all the devices used in your home gets corrected so that each one of you can enjoy flawless network connectivity.

How does a booster work for signal amplification?

It is a myth that signal boosters will work even if there is no outside signal. You need some minimal signal strength for signal boosters to be of any help. There are 3 parts of the booster device:

  • An antenna that is installed outside in your balcony or terrace that catches signal from the cell tower.
  • An amplifier that will amplify the receiving signal.
  • An antenna that is installed inside your home space which sends the amplified signal to your cell phones.

All these 3 parts are connected with the aid of a coaxial cable.

How to choose the right signal booster for your phone?

With so many choices in the market, it is sometimes difficult to determine the right kind of signal amplifier that will work for you. The two most important factors that will determine your choice of 4G booster are:

  • Your actual signal strength and the strength of signal that you receive when you move outside your building.
  • The extent of area that you need to cover with the amplifier.
  • Total number of cell phones that will need coverage with the booster in your house.
  • Whether you need a professional installation or a DIY kit is sufficient for you.
  • Lastly, your budget will play a role in making the final decision.

In large commercial spaces and houses in large apartments if the outside signal is too weak, you may also need to consider installing some antennas to ensure that the booster works effectively in such a complicated layout.

Boosters only work when there is some sort of outside signal even if it is very weak. For larger spaces, you will also need to opt for professional installation because running large cables could become complicated for you.

Depending upon the extent of the above factors, you will need to select the power and strength of the booster.

You must be careful though as the market is flooded with many fake boosters. So, invest your time and money in only FCC certified and tested boosters. Choose a brand that provides some form of warranty on their product along with technical assistance whenever needed.

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