July 3, 2022

How To Find The IMEI Of A Cellphone [Even After It’s Stolen]?

Your cell phone was stolen, and you need to discover the IMEI to block the operator? It’s more complicated to have this number if you don’t have the device anymore, but it’s not impossible: you can look up the code on the box or on some accounts you’ve connected to the device. And, if you can’t, you can also block your cell phone without the IMEI.

If you don’t know, the IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (or International Mobile Equipment Identification, in free translation). It is a unique and global identification number, present in telephone devices (such as cell phones), and it is used to block cell phones in case of robbery or theft.

How To Find The IMEI Of A Cell Phone (Even After It’s Stolen)?

There are some clues to discover the IMEI of your cell phone in movical.net that has been stolen or lost. Thus, you can block the IMEI of the device in the operator. Look that:

If you still have the cell phone case, the IMEI code is next to the phone’s barcode. It is made up of four groups of numbers, such as 001970-01-010000-0. The IMEI may also appear without a hyphen, but it must be between 15 and 16 digits long.

If you have an iPhone, go to appleid.apple.com and enter the Apple ID logged into the phone that was stolen or lost. Under Devices, click your iPhone. The model, system version, serial number, and also IMEI should appear.

If you have an Android, go to the Find My Device website and log in with the Google account connected to the mobile. Then, look for the phone in the sidebar and click (I). The device’s IMEI should appear.

If you have a Galaxy, go to the Search Phone website and log in with your Samsung account connected to the phone. Then, look for the phone in the sidebar and click on the three dots. Then enter IMEI Information, and the device code should appear.

How To Block A Stolen Cell Phone Without IMEI?

If none of the above have worked, there is still hope. It is no longer necessary to inform the IMEI number to block a stolen cell phone. You need to enter the phone number and, if it has two chips, say the number of the two lines. Remember that if you had your cell phone stolen or stolen, it is also necessary to file a police report.

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