July 3, 2022

International Trademark Registration: Everything You Need To Know

Trademark registration is an important part of international business. Without it, your business might struggle to grow beyond your home country. To thrive in foreign markets, you need to brand your company and its products in a way that makes them recognizable. To do that, you need to register your company’s brand in each market where you plan to sell your products.

What Is Trademark Registration

The process of registering your trademark with a government office gives you official rights to use that trademark anywhere in the world. This gives you the right to prevent others from using the same or a similar mark.

To successfully register a trademark, you’ll need to pay a fee and file paperwork with the appropriate office. The trademark office will examine your paperwork to make sure it’s filled out correctly. Once your paperwork passes its review, you’ll receive official documentation that you can use to prevent others from using your trademark.

Trademark Registration Basics

There are different types of registration you can choose from when filing for your trademark. To start the process, you’ll need to submit an application. Your application will explain the basics of your trademark, including the type of registration you’re applying for, the application fee, how long the registration will last, and other details.

The Trademark Office will then send you a filing date and a filing deadline. The filing date is the date you submit your application to the Trademark Office. The filing date is not the date the trademark is registered. The filing date only tells the Office when to start the international trademark registration process. The filing deadline is the date by which you must submit your application to the Trademark Office.

Trademark Registration Requirements

To successfully register a trademark, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements. Each country regulates trademark registration differently. In general, though, you must do the following to successfully register a trademark:

  • Identify the trademark: You can’t register a trademark you don’t own. This means you must identify the mark you want to register. If you already have a mark similar to the one you want to register, contact the Trademark Office to ask whether the Office will recognize your mark.
  • Pay the required application fee: In most countries, the filing fee is between $US 150 and $US 200.
  • Pay any additional fees: In some countries, you must pay an extra fee for certain types of trademark registration, such as priority or country-specific trademark registration.
  • Complete and sign the trademark registration paperwork: Trademark registration requires you to publish a “notice of registration” in a journal or other publication. The publication lets people know that your mark is now officially registered.
  • Keep copies of all trademark registration paperwork: Once you register your trademark, you must keep a copy of the registration paperwork. If the Trademark Office needs to investigate a trademark infringement claim, it can look at your registration paperwork.

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