June 14, 2024

Murathi Parsi Story: Retells How Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation Helping With the Economy of A Society 

Murathi Parsi is one of the thousands who are suffering from curable blindness. However, the taboo associated with blindness in the under-developed regions of various nations leads the families into worse poverty. Tej Kohli &Ruit Foundation understands this situation and has been working towards eradicating curable blindness. According to Tej Kohli, by eliminating curable blindness like cataracts and congenital eye diseases with the help of the latest technology, a family, village, community, and even a nation can progress better. 

One such story of overcoming curable blindness is of Murathi Parsi. She is one of the 149,568 eye patients screened by one of the foundations formed by philanthropist Tej Kohli. Also, she is one of the 18,465 patients cured of blindness by Dr. SandukRuit. Many like Murathi come from an underserved community and are forced to live a forlorn life due to their blindness. Despite living only an hour from an eye hospital, Murathi’s family couldn’t afford the money needed for her eye checkup and surgery. 

The narrative shared by Murathi about her blindness and the perils of life due to her inability to work is not new for many people who attended the eye camps organised by Tej Kohli &Ruit Foundation in Nepal. Her husband and son earn their living while taking care of seven other family members by doing odd construction jobs. Being a daily wage earner with household debts, saving about USD 70 was not only an insurmountable task but also taking her to the eye hospital meant they would lose a day’s wage. 

But all of these changed on March 30, 2022, when Murthi took the opportunity to attend the free eye camp and surgery. Dr SandukRuit, also known as the ‘God of Sight’, removed her cataract, and after 15 minutes of surgery, she no longer has to depend on her grandchildren, daughter-in-law, son or husband to conduct her daily life chores. Instead, she can now help them with the household work. 

Like Murathi, there are millions of others worldwide. Tej Kohli and Dr SandukRuit have joined hands to provide free cataract treatment for poor communities. One can observe the progress and hard work of these two sexagenarians, living on two different continents, from the images of how they fight poverty blindness. 

The changes these two people are bringing into the lives of the people they are treating can be seen in the smiles and blessings they receive. But these two gentlemen are not sitting on their laurels; instead, they wish to cure 500,000 blindness, be the trailblazer contributor to the IAPB #2020  inSight and end poverty. 

The Foundation looks forward to work not only in Nepal and India but in Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, North Korea, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lebanon and Syria. Though due to Covid-19, the work was halted for a while, it is back in its full throttle, where the ultimatum goal is to cure blindness, restore the lives of the people and make them independent so they can contribute to the economy of the nation.