July 3, 2022

The Top 5 Slot777 Games and Tips to Win Them

In this technological world, online gaming is gaining popularity worldwide. PG games are safe, secure and reliable to win big. PG offers various unique features like – a variety of games and payment options, 24*7 customer services and security. These valuable features make it unique in the field.

5 PG games to win real-money –

  • Wild Bandito – It is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring free spins and gold symbols. In the free spin feature, all the symbols other than wild and scatter appear as gold symbols. If 1 or more than 1 winning symbol is found on the reels your win multiplier is increased.


  • Candy Bonanza – This 6*6 video slot help you to win big. To trigger the free spin feature, collect 3 free spin symbols. For each free spin symbol, you will be awarded 2 extra free spins. Other than free spin and wild symbols, 4 matching symbols will create a big symbol.


  • Jungle delight – This 5-reel 3-line video slot is inspired by the fruit machine game. Lucky players are awarded free spins by the king of the jungle. In addition to it, you will also have the opportunity to add wooden frames to other (remaining) free spins.


  • Double fortune – It is a 3-line 5-reel video slot. Whenever a payline involves 1 double symbol it is counted as 2 symbols. Double fortune enables you to win twice and celebrate double happiness.


  • Mahjong ways – It is a 4-line 5-reel video slot. With the free spin feature, you can win 12 free spins when 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reel. 2 more free spins will be generated by every additional scatter symbol. In the free spin feature, your winnings are multiplied by 10 times (maximum).

6 Tips and Strategies to win PG –

  • Practice makes perfect – Practice the game to learn its basics and rules. The free spins enable you to enhance your skills without making any investment.


  • Don’t try to chase losses – Winning and losing are natural in the game. Don’t try to get all your money back by placing risky bets.


  • Set your limits – Plan your budget for different stages. It can help you to select which games are to be played.


  • Leave when you are on the winning seat – Don’t be greedy to win more and more. It is suggested to quit the game while you are winning.


  • Low house edge games are to be preferred – Do your homework and prefer low house edge games to place your bet. Such games are ideal to win real-money.


  • Don’t miss free money – Bonuses and promotions are offered as an incentive to win big. The combination of various bonuses helps you to play for a longer period. For example – sign-up, deposit, no-deposit, loyalty and reference bonuses.

Conclusion –

Situs Slot777 offers various gaming options filled with joy and excitement. These games can be enjoyed from multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers.

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