October 17, 2021

What To Check Before Buying A Second Hand iPhone

Buying a second-hand iPhone is often the best option for those who want to have a good device but cannot afford to pay for a new terminal. However, the world of second-hand buying and selling is full of scams and other deceptions, so we will give you a series of tips to consider before making any purchase of this type.

If You Are Buying Through A Store

There are many stores where you can buy a second-hand iPhone, and although these are usually trusted because they usually offer guarantees and even insurance for the devices. However, the condition of the product may not be the most suitable. Whenever possible, we recommend going to one of these stores in person and checking for yourself that the device is in the state you want. You should also make sure of the conditions of sale and if you can return the device within a reasonable period so that you can test it thoroughly. In case you cannot return it when you buy it, you will have to settle for the phone regardless of it not convincing you.

If You Are Buying From An Individual

The market for buying and selling between individuals is the largest and possibly the most dangerous. Unfortunately, many people and organizations offer devices like the iPhone that are absurdly cheap or at a very competitive price, ensuring that it is original and in good condition. Not everyone who offers a device in this way has to be scammers and the like, but you better make sure of it.

Invoice And Serial Number

The first advice is to use common sense and not give credibility to someone you do not know, no matter how well you paint the matter. To make sure that this number as seen in Movical is the same as that of the device, ask them to pass you a photo of the phone in Settings> General> Information, where this number appears. But be careful, do not ask for the capture of it, but a photograph was taken on the phone, in which the terminal is appreciated from the outside and the screen with the data.

Prioritize Personal Encounters

The moment you decide on a device and meet the buyer in person, do it. This condition could be indispensable. Not all platforms, applications, and websites have guarantees of authenticity or proper functioning of the products, even though they may have shipping services. Therefore, checking the terminal in person is the best option.

Checks On The Device

If you have physical access to the device, it is convenient to know the aspects to assess to ensure that its operation is ideal. You can check more things in addition to those that we will comment on below, but this checklist that you are going to see must be essential.

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