July 3, 2022

Cell Phone Care: 10 Tips To Make Your Device Last Longer

Sometimes it’s ironic how things happen, which applies to our cellphone; one moment is delicate, and the next, it is damaged. Here are tips to take better care of my cell phone

1. Cell Phone Place Is Not In The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main places where cell phones are lost. The most common way is by dropping it in the toilet. Taking a shower with the device in the same environment is also not good. Moisture seeps into the cell phone and can corrode electronic circuits – among other things.

2. Keep The Device Away From Dirty And Dusty Places

You can scratch your device or cause crusts of dirt to build upon your electronics. The consequences are not good.

3. When Cleaning, Don’t Invent Fashion

As mentioned earlier, electronic components are sensitive to moisture. Manufacturers advise cleaning only with a dry cloth, but we know that a dry cloth is nothing. In this case, using a little alcohol will not harm the device. But you should dampen the cloth, so there is no risk of the slightest infiltration.

4. Keep The Device Away From Very Hot Or Very Cold Places

Ideally, the device should be operated in environments between 15ºC and 30ºC. Extreme temperatures can impair the battery’s performance and even damage it permanently.

5. Don’t Put Anything Else In The Same Pocket

Many people habit carrying several things in the same pocket in which they carry their cell phone. Particular objects, such as keys, can scratch the device. If your device has an exposed screen or a touchscreen, the risks are even greater. That’s because any pressure can end up cracking the device’s screen. In the case of women who usually carry their cell phones in their purses, the tip remains. Also, be careful when carrying perfumes, makeup kits, and products that can leak and ruin the device.

6. On The Beach, Take Extra Care

The beach is an environment that presents all kinds of dangers to most electronic devices. Sun, heat, sand, water and also sea air. If it is essential to take your device to the beach, keep it inside a case and in a cool shade. Preferably those “sock” type covers, as they cover the device completely, protecting it from the sea air and sand.

7. Do Not Drop Or Knock On Your Cell Phone

Every device is made to withstand small impacts. But in addition to ruining the cell phone housing, these impacts can break the device’s internal circuits and damage the battery.

8. Take Specific Precautions When Playing Sports

Like water, sweat oxidizes electronic components. When playing sports, take precautions so that the cell phone does not contact the skin and consequently sweat.

9. Don’t Walk Around With Your Cell Phone In Your Hand

In addition to being at risk of being stolen, the chances of the device falling to the floor are much greater than if it were in a pocket or a case. Not to mention the fact that the hand also sweats and heats the device.

10. I Dropped Him In The Water. And Now?

The first thing to do when getting the device wet is to remove the battery. The second is patience. Don’t think that just using a hairdryer and your device will be brand new. The dryer can remove surface moisture, but the inside of the device worries.

At these times, the best thing is to dip your cell phone in a pot of rice and leave it there for a few days. Rice is great at absorbing moisture and can help dry out your electronics or better still use an expert like Movical.net for example.

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