July 3, 2022

The Importance Of Structured Wiring

About 70% of problems occur in computer networks due to bad cabling structure! Most companies do not have the service, which means that those who use it are always one step ahead. A well-structured cabling project provides a series of advantages, as it contributes to cost reduction (after all, it will not be necessary to make changes when installing new network points), facilitates possible maintenance (because everything is organized in the same place), facilitates change and your organization allows for significant improvements in network performance. It is essential to point out that good professionals only do quality service. We have trained professionals such as romelar.es for instance who carry out structured cabling in the best way for our customers.

Advantages Of Structured Wiring

Now that you understand a little about the subject, we will talk more about the advantages present in the service. A good structuring, eliminating a bunch of tangled wires, provides:

  • Increase in network performance
  • Reduction of various problems, such as congestion
  • Greater stability in transmission rates
  • Decreased occurrence of errors
  • As for the centralization of network points and standardizing of the system, we can say that
  • Simplifies infrastructure management
  • Facilitates the integration of data, voice, and image applications
  • Gives more agility in routine updates
  • Suitable for significant local changes and renovations
  • Provides continuous improvement for the integration of new technologies

Wow! Structured cabling is undoubtedly the basis of a modern information network. Still, to understand even more about it, you can read our article here or go ahead and understand some very remarkable uses of the service. Have you ever stopped to think about how vital structured cabling is in events? Despite being sought after for events in the most diverse areas, let’s highlight its use in IT. Imagine the work it would take to install each computer, the time wasted the high possibility of errors, and still having to go through all that after the event was over when the computers had to be removed. Structured cabling not only makes the whole process more accessible; it also makes the user experience better!

Speaking of efficient solutions for your company, we must also mention the rental of IT equipment, which fits very well with the structured cabling project. The first point is to understand that, since always, companies seek to increase their profits, produce faster, and provide better services, always being ahead of the competition.

The leasing of IT equipment contributes precisely in this regard since:

  • Customize the IT infrastructure
  • There is no loss with obsolete equipment
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • It has linked technical assistance
  • Streamlines processes
  • It includes efficient management services

All this and much more! Companies from different branches can opt for leasing and structured cabling together, always aiming to be one step ahead of the competition!

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