July 3, 2022

Professional Importance – The Business Of Photography To Professionals

Therefore, as photographers from https://photolemur.com, we should know all these importance very well to market them, because as a professional in this area I believe that it is not necessary, with such importance found in photography, to use unfair methods of competition and use of bogus courses which sell a magnificent title accompanied by mediocre, poor, or even misleading content; of a service based on the person’s status or name rather than the form or quality of the product itself; of endless posts of stupid, poorly done, horrible watermarked, unzealous photos, followed by futile, self-centered, and menacing excuses when they get the first comment from someone who thought it was shit; from professionals who know, who know, but don’t share, not even in their paid events, the critical information with those hungry for knowledge. Anyway, we wouldn’t need a lot of things that are happening in the photography market.

The fact is that little attention is paid to the importance of photography and amid a world where a new presets or actions kit is released every week, where a DVD of refined sugar is sold as the icing on the cake, where adventurers enter the world of photography selling their “services.” They have no idea what it is to be a professional or work with photography yet. And guess who loses at the end of this sad story!?

We hope that with this reflection on this importance that, in my view, are fundamental for the existence of a more honest, authentic, and valuable photograph for our society, we can increasingly develop our senses and understand, capture and know how to use them to the good, for something better, to have a more significant commitment to photography, greater responsibility towards our clients and more hope for the future

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