July 3, 2022

Function Of Parking Stops And Bollards

Parking stops as seen in Unimat traffic are designed primarily to protect cars from any damage when parking. They stand out for being easy to install and high visibility. The determining function of these is to reduce the speed of vehicles, making parking spaces safer for pedestrians and motorists. Parking stops can also be used to guide vehicles when parking and protect the front of the car from a hit against a wall, column, or any other surface that may represent a risk to the vehicle. As a result, cars, parking stops, cones, road stops, fences, speed bumps, and other items have been created.

The residential stop that can be created at home with recycled rubber material allows you to park without worries in garages or carports park. The stops for parking and bollards are used both in public places and in houses in general. They serve perfectly among other alternatives to delimit gardens and plant spaces to which it is expected that said vehicles should never reach, or a place in specific in which you do not want a vehicle to travel, either due to the presence of people who have a disability in the area and you want to avoid the fluid passage of people who pass day by day at high speeds and therefore its vital importance.

Flexible Bollards

Generally, the bollards are yellow and black, which means a warning, since, in this way, the attention of drivers is attracted, thus fulfilling the function of stopping them and delimiting the parking lot. The parking stops made of rubber material have multiple advantages, among which is why they are more durable than those made with concrete due to the related material between them, as well as that they can be assembled and disassembled with great ease. The importance of quality in parking accessories

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